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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Oh for the love of...stationery?

Every wedding is different, and so is every wedding supplier BUT have really sat down and thought about just HOW different your suppliers are?

Big department stores and shopping chains do sell wedding invites - its not a secret, but do you want something that's mass produced? Of course there is always the option of making your own invites. Frankly, I wouldn't wish this task on my best friend let alone a Bride to be! You have enough on your plate - and will you really save money?

You deserve the best!

So what about little independent stationery companies? There's something very special that drives these companies - a love of stationery. Most of us have a background in graphic/creative design; we get hung up on fonts, paper weights and sparkly gems AND we can often be found working late into the night to complete orders. But, for me the best bit is - if you've got something in mind, a good stationery designer will be able to create it for you - all you need to do is ask!

Approachable, affordable and downright creative... my advice to Brides out there researching their wedding stationery is seek out an independent stationery company with products that suit them and their wedding.

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